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Rental Information
All you need to know about renting an RV.

How do I reserve an RV?

You can book an RV using our online reservation system or by calling 888-432-2489. We require a $500 deposit for RV reservations.  We accept all major credit cards and cash. We also accept cashiers checks if presented within 30 days of the rental start date.

How much does renting an RV cost ?

The cost of renting an RV is comprised of three parts: a reservation deposit, the rental fee, and a security deposit. A $500 reservation deposit is due at the time of your reservation that will later be applied to the rental fee. The amount of your rental fee is based on the type of RV you rent, how far you're traveling, and how long you decide to be gone. The rental fee is due 10 days before your departure date. We require a refundable security deposit on the day of your departure, which will be refunded upon the return of your rental RV in the same condition as when it left less additional fees for mileage, generator use, cleaning, etc.). For more information about pricing, please review our Terms and Conditions page.

What happens if I break down ?

You will be given a number to call in the event of a breakdown. One of our technicians will answer your call and assist you. If the vehicle is not able to be driven, roadside assistance is provided.

What happens if I have an accident ?
Accidents involving other vehicles must have a police report on file for the included insurance to be valid. We will provide you with a list of things to acquire from the other person (phone number, insurance company, etc.). If you damage only the RV and no other person or property (inadvertently or otherwise), a police report will not be needed. Most importantly, don't let it ruin your vacation. We'll take care of it when you get back.

Do I need a special drivers license ?

No, a special license is not required
for U.S. citizens to operate a recreational vehicle. A valid state license must be provided and a copy kept on file to operate the RV. If you are traveling from a foreign country, a valid international drivers license and passport for the contracted driver(s) is required, copies of which will be kept on file.

Are pets allowed ?

No, pets are not allowed. Exceptions are made for service dogs with proper documentation. If evidence of a unauthorized pet is found or damaged is caused to the vehicle from a pet, including accidents of the bladder, a cleaning fee will be assessed.

Is smoking allowed ?

No. smoking is never allowed inside our RV’s. If evidence of smoking inside a rental RV is found, a cleaning fee will be assessed according to our terms and conditions.

Do your RVs have generators on board ?

Yes, all of our RVs have generators on board to supply AC electricity and keep the coach batteries charged. 

When do I use a generator ?

You can use the generator while on the road to supply AC electricity for the air conditioning, microwave and all AC outlets. You will not need to use your generator at the campground if power is supplied at your campsite. The generator runs off of the same fuel tank as the engine and draws from the tank at the ¼ mark level. If the fuel level drops below the ¼ level mark, the generator will not run.

What can I expect my gas mileage to be ?

Depending on the terrain and your driving habits, your gas mileage will range from 10-14 miles per gallon for a Class C Rv and 9-15 miles per gallon for a Class A Rv.

Can you deliver an RV to my house ?

Yes, one of our most popular services is
door-to-door delivery and pick-up. We have delivered rental RVs up to 500 miles away from our facility. For a small fee, you can have this customized service added to your package. All fees are based on the mileage to and from our facility.

Can we walk around while driving ?

Although it is possible to walk around inside the RV while it's moving, we recommend you stay seated with your seatbelt fastened at all times. Each state has specific laws about RV travel pertaining to seat belts. Although most are very “gray” about passengers in the rear of the vehicle, all people sitting in the driver and passenger seat of an RV must be belted at all times. No passengers can ever travel or ride in a vehicle that is being towed.

Where can I park an RV ?

RVs can be parked anywhere you see large semi-trucks parked or where allowance is granted for any type of recreational vehicle. There are 1,000s of campgrounds throughout the U.S. and Canada that accommodate RVs. Please click on the "Campgrounds" link above for a complete list of campgrounds throughout the country. There are also 1,000s of truck stops that allow overnight RV parking. Many Walmarts also allow RVs to park in their lots overnight for free.

How much does it cost to camp ?

Generally, state parks range from $25 to $75 per night and normally include electricity. Private campgrounds and resort campgrounds can range from $25 to $175 per night, depending on amenities and availability. Most campgrounds will offer a base site with limited hook ups for a certain rate, then you can add additional amenities for an additional cost per night.

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