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Things You Need to Know Before Renting an RV

Plan Your Parking While an RV liberates you from hotel stays, you still need to reserve campsites, many which can be found on City RV Rental’s website. Save yourself time, fuel, and difficult turnarounds by calling ahead. Whether reserving through KOA or another campground, ask what hookups are offered - grounds with full hookups have the aforementioned sewer attachments as well as hookups for your drinking water and electricity.

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Find the Right Size RV Rather than renting an RV that sleeps the precise number of people in your party, look for a unit that accommodates everyone. People also have to get up, get dressed, use a bathroom, have a seat at the table, stow their gear and find a place to read or play board games, as well as eat on rainy days. On the other hand, a first-time renter shouldn’t take on more vehicle than he can handle. The smaller RV's are easier to drive, can get into more campgrounds, and will be somewhat less expensive to operate, the 'Class C' motor home - with a van front - will feel much more familiar for the first time operator than a large 'Class A' unit, as well as offer better fuel economy. The Class B and C models are most like driving a car. But the longer the rig, the more you'll need to keep in mind clearance when making turns.

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Pack like an Expert When it comes to packing, do not pack like you’re a first-timer renting for the first time. Ask if your RV rental comes with a “convenience kit” that ought to include basic cookware, dishes, and linens. It also may help to bring a plastic tablecloth with picnic table clips, laundry supplies and clothes pins, and an “Astroturf” doormat for outside your RV’s door. Bring walkie-talkies, which can make it easier to communicate with your ‘spotter’ when backing into a campsite and are also great for hiking, especially if some in your group are slower than others. Another tip is that you might want to pick up an inverter that “converts your 12V cigarette lighter current into 110V juice” and will let you to power up your camera, laptop, and other rechargeables.

Booking an RV As the old saying goes, "first in, best dressed". If you know what RV you wish to rent, get in early so that you can ensure you get the right vehicle. This is especially important if you are looking to travel during high season, as the vehicles are often snapped up very quickly and if you book too late, you may miss out. Generally, the earlier you book, the cheaper you can get your RV rental, as many companies offer discounts for those who book several months in advance. Please contact City RV Rentals to inquire about your vacation!

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