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7 Items to Leave at Home

Whether it is a short road trip or a long vacation, City RV Rentals has a list of 7 items that you can leave at home.


At City RV Rentals we have newer RV's and a concierge service that can assist 24 hours if you need any service. Also, every RV is equipped with a tool kit.


Seasoned RVers already know the secret to packing for RV travels, it is best to pack the clothes and items directly into the RV, instead of bringing luggage. Not only does luggage shift during travel but it is cumbersome to store. Every RV has drawers for items. It is best to put items into bags and place directly into drawers prior to your departure.


Leave your work at home or at the office. It is best to unwind and leave the work behind.


It is great to see children upon their return rave about their adventures while traveling and how they did not miss their phones.


Make sure the water tank while traveling long distances is not completely full. This weighs the RV down and burns fuel. Prior to entering a camp ground fill the water for use as well as gas. The generator runs on gas and will not work if under a 1/4 of a tank of fuel.


Rarely would you need to travel with firewood. Most grocery stores now carry firewood or you can just take a walk and gather the wood for your fire.


The type of food you travel with makes a difference. Can goods are added weight, so plan accordingly. City RV Rentals has a refrigerator with a freezer as well as cabinetry for dry goods. A kitchen package can be purchased prior to departure.

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