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Some RV Travel Tips

At City RV Rentals we would like your trip to full of miles of smiles. Here are some travel tips for a smooth ride:

Get To Know Your RV: We give an orientation that takes approximately one hour and a half. We show you the details to driving, maintaining and operating. We also hand you a detailed sheet since the information is overwhelming. At City RV Rentals we are here for you, so feel free to call with questions.

Driving: Not only do we discuss but we send you a video. We help you adjust your mirrors prior to driving as well. Slow and steady, slow and steady, you are on vacation.

Supplies: All of our RV's are well maintained. They go into the shop for generator maintenance, oil changes, tire rotation, etc. At City RV Rentals we take pride in our RV's. All of our RV's come equipped with some basic supplies, tool kit, fuses, and other general items. We also have a concierge service available 24 hours.

Plan Ahead: A great trip is a well planned trip. The route, the campsite, the attractions, the food are just some of the planning that goes into an amazing experience.

Tanks: Tanks hold all the black and gray water. This can smell, in fact it can smell really bad. We supply the hoses and drop ins. We explain how to empty and smelling fresh.

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