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RV Terms

When you are new to RV traveling some words are just plain weird. City RV Rentals has some RV terms and definitions to help:


The storage area below the floor of the RV, accessible from the outside. Basement storage usually refers to storage in a Class-A or Class-C motorhome.

Black Water

Disposal water from toilet system, held in holding tank until you dump it, in large tanks or dumping station available at most campgrounds.

Black Water Tank

The black water tank on an RV holds the sewage water from the toilet. This should always be dumped at a campgrounds dump station or into the campsite sewer connection.

Boon Docking

Also known as dry camping, boon docking refers to camping without any hook-ups, namely camping without hooking up to any electric, sewer or water facilities. You can still have electric from your RV batteries and water from your freshwater holding tank.


An electrical device for converting 120-volt AC power into 12-volt DC power. Most RVs with electrical hookups will have a converter, since many of the lights and some other accessories run on 12-volt DC.


Booth-like dining area. Table does not convert unit into a bed at night at City RV Rentals.

Fresh (Water) Tank

The gallons of fresh water that can be stored for later use

Full Hookup

The ability to connect to all three of the campground’s facilities; electric, water and sewer.

Holding Tanks

There are three different holding tanks on most RVs: Fresh Water, Gray Water and Black Water. The fresh water tanks hold the water you will use for water you will pump into your RV when you are not getting water from an outside source. The Gray Water tank holds water from your kitchen and shower. The black water tank holds the water and waste from your toilet.


The ability of connecting to a campground’s facilities. The major types of hookups are electrical, water and sewer. If all three of these hookups are available, it is termed full hookup. Hookups may also include telephone and cable TV in some campgrounds.

LP Gas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas. LP gas is used to fuel appliances in the RV, such as the stove, oven, water heater and refrigerator. Propane tanks are usually rated as pounds or gallons.

Primitive Camping

Camping without use of hookups.


LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas, used in RVs for heating, cooking and refrigeration. Also called bottle gas, for manner in which it is sold and stored.

Pull Through

A camping site that allows you to pull through while setting up and leaving the area. A site where you do not have to back into or out of.


Short for Recreation Vehicle, a generic term for all pleasure vehicles which contain living accommodations. Multiple units are RVs and persons using them are RVers.


Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association


Recreational Vehicle Industry Association


Recreational Vehicle Rental Association

Self Contained

RV which needs no external electrical, drain or water hookup. Thus, it can park overnight anywhere. Of course, self-contained units can also hook up to facilities when at campgrounds.

Wet Weight

The weight of the RV with the fuel, freshwater and propane tanks full.

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