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Roadside Attractions

There are some stops along your RV travels that are worth a stop and look. The following roadside attractions you may find intriguing.

World’s Largest Ball of Twine Kansas City, Kansas

If you thought your yarn ball at home was large, think again. The World’s Largest Ball of Twine will give you a run for your money. What began in 1953 as an efficient way to keep spare bits of twine organized has grown into one of the heaviest roadside attractions: in 2009, it weighed in at 19,189 pounds. Each August a twine-a-thon is held to add more twine to the giant ball, but you can add your own at any time, even if you don’t visit in August.

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Desert of Maine

Freeport, Maine

A far cry from the beaches of this coastal state is the Desert of Maine, just off Highway 1. Accidental roadside attractions don’t come around often, but bad farming in 1797 led to soil erosion, and natural desert-like conditions followed. Now, with green hills all around, you can experience this surreal natural attraction.

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Enchanted Highway Regent, North Dakota

You don’t even have to get out of the car to experience the magic of “Geese in Flight,” a 32-mile stretch of sculptures along the highway that has been deemed the world’s largest collection of scrap metal sculptures. Local artist Gary Greff dreamt up the idea in 1989 in response to the trend of small town extinction. He maintains the art and makes plans for more sculptures to this day.

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Carhenge Alliance, Nebraska

If you’re a car enthusiast, this is a must-see roadside attraction for you. Modeled after Stonehenge, artist Jim Reinders put 38 gray-painted cars in a circle to mimic the famous natural wonder. It has been named the second wackiest attraction in the U.S. by TripAdvisor, and is certainly worth checking out.

Americas Largest Sundial Carefree, Arizona

Lost your watch? Stop over in Carefree, Arizona, and get the time from America’s largest sundial. Rising 62 feet into the sky this device is not only massive, it tells the right time.

American Classic Arcade Museum Laconia, New Hampshire

If you think it will take the world’s largest arcade to get your kids out from behind their phones, stop in Laconia. As one of the most interactive roadside attractions, your kids are sure to get excited. With over 250 games on the floor, you can play Computer Space from 1971, Death Race from 1976 and well-known games like Donkey Kong, as well.

Lucy the Elephant Margate City, New Jersey

Built as a way to drive interest to his beachfront property, James V. Lafferty erected Lucy the Elephant, a fully functioning building in the shape of an elephant. Morphing from a summer home, to a speakeasy and a restaurant, Lucy has seen many tourists since she was built in 1881. These days you can take a walking tour through Lucy the Elephant for a quick roadside stop.

Jimmy Carter Peanut Statue Plains, Georgia

You may not be able to get a photo with Jimmy Carter, but you can get one with his peanut statue in Georgia. What started as a commemorative statue when Carter was visiting the state has become a favorite stop for travelers. Rising 13-feet high off the side of Route 45, you can’t miss the big white peanut.

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