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Churchill Downs, Kentucky

City RV Rentals encourages you to stop in Louisville, Kentucky should be sure to visit one of the countries most famous race tracks. Located in south Louisville, Churchill Downs is best known as the host of the Kentucky Derby. Visitors to Churchill Downs can do much more than just watch the races though, this destination provides a full experience. Churchill Downs has a long and rich history. The racetrack first opened in 1875. That same year the track hosted the first Kentucky Derby, as well as the first Kentucky Oaks. Throughout this long history Churchill Downs has hosted many different renowned events, including the Breeders' Cup. Visitors can learn all about the history of the track during a visit to the Kentucky Derby Museum. This museum sits right at the entrance to Churchill Downs and provides visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the importance of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville and the fascinating history of the race. The Kentucky Derby is an especially good attraction for those visitors that can't attend the derby itself or don't want to deal with the influx of visitors during that time. The visitors to Louisville that do want to watch the Kentucky Derby live will find that this event is much more than just a race. There is a whole culture to this race. Each year there is a whole Kentucky Derby Festival, which lasts for two weeks leading up to the race. Revelers can also celebrate the derby at the Infield. The Infield during the Kentucky Derby is a party that can rival some of the biggest parties during the year. During the derby thousands of people pack into the Infield to watch the race and enjoy the amazing party. Fortunately for the family vacationer the Infield also offers a more sedate atmosphere at Turn 1. This part of the Infield has a more picnicky and family oriented culture. Churchill Downs is also known for hosting the Kentucky Oaks, which is a stakes race for three-year old thoroughbred fillies. Although not as large an event as the Kentucky Derby, the Kentucky Oaks has much of the same fun culture and tradition. This event is held the Friday preceding the Kentucky Derby. Revelers at the Kentucky Oaks wear pink and celebrate "Ladies Day" at the track. Beyond these two important events, Churchill Downs has other racing events during the year. Visitors to the track can enjoy playing the stakes and taking in the atmosphere. The track has different options for the experience each person wants. There are standing room only sections and there are also options for trackside dining. Kentucky has a long history of horse racing. The state is filled with the culture of the races as well as te industry that makes horse racing what it is today. Throughout a trip to the state visitors have the opportunity to visit world class thoroughbred breeders, as well as training facilities and more. All of these different aspects culminate at the race track, and in Kentucky that is Churchill Downs. Visitors have the chance to watch some of the best horses and riders in the world race, while enjoying the unique atmosphere of the race. One of the best times to visit Churchill Downs is during the Kentucky Derby an Kentucky Oaks, when the festivities are the most exciting.

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