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Scott, Arkansas

The small farming community of Scott is rich in both agriculture and heritage. Located along Ark. 165 approximately 20 miles southeast of Little Rock, Scott has an “Old South” feel fostered by an abundance of history. One of the finest examples of individuals working to save their heritage is the Scott Plantation Settlement along Alexander Road. Over 13 buildings moved in from the surrounding area comprise what is billed as a “typical Arkansas plantation.” Some of the structures on-site include a hand-hewn cypress corncrib, an 1840’s log cabin, a wash house, several tenant houses, a railroad depot, and a blacksmith shop. Down the road a bit on Ark. 161 is the restored brick building which was originally the old Steele-Dortch Store. Today it serves as the Plantation Agriculture Museum State Park, a facility that details the role of cotton in Arkansas's history and economy. The museum includes the circa 1912 store and surrounding grounds, a nearby warehouse, and a collection of vintage farm equipment. Take a drive through Scott in your City RV Rental.

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