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Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore- Salt Marsh Trail

On your journey through Nova Scotia, City RV Renters can hike the Salt Marsh Trail, part of the Trans-Canada Trail system, along a former train tracks. An ideal route for cyclists as the terrain is level and safe, travelers can take in gorgeous views, interpretive signage, and abundant wildlife. The trail spans over 13 kilometers.

For some people a short walk out to one of the many bridges and back will be a great adventure, you will get to see the great salt marsh, smell the coastal air and take in some beautiful panoramas. Others that are up for more of an endurance challenge can make the round trip of the trail of 13km or the one-way trip of 6.5km. There are markers for every kilometer of this trail to help you keep an idea of how far you have traveled.

The trail is in very good shape and all the bridges are quite stable making this a great place to bring the family. You are sure to see some coastal birds and also maybe some boats and clam diggers, depending on the tides when you are there.

Salt Marsh Trail (Photo courtesy of

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