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Taylor Head Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

Occupying a rugged wind-swept peninsula that juts 6 km into the Atlantic Ocean, Taylor Head Provincial Park is located southwest of Sheet Harbour, on Route 7 in the Eastern Shore region.

Taylor Head Provincial Park’s interconnecting, looped hiking trails are challenging with many roots, stones, and marshy spots to navigate. These trails provide access to scenic look-offs and 10 miles of unspoiled coastline. If you’re up to the challenge, you will be rewarded with beautiful scenery along the trail. When you finish your hike, cool down with a swim at the beach. The trails in close proximity to the parking lots and the beach are relatively smooth with some surfacing. Some of these trails are boardwalks and others have relatively smooth gravel surface. Otherwise, most hiking trails are rough and can be challenging. Typically, on these trails, you will have to step over protruding rocks and tree roots, walk up and down steep steps of rock, and tread through some muddy wet patches. Conditions are often very slippery. Many people find that a walking stick is very helpful on the rough, slippery trails.

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