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Jetty Fishery, Oregon

Family run for over thirty years, this adored coastal gem has been hailed as one of the best locales for fishing, crabbing, and all around coastline-loving family trips. Comfortably nestled on the waters of Nehalem Bay, this destination is only feet from tide pools, classic cabled docks, and just a 2 minute boat ride from the great Nehalem State Park beaches. Take a peacefully scenic stroll on the Peninsula to grab an ice cream cone at the classic coastal town of Manzanita. Rent a boat and fish your heart out, as the infamously friendly staff will be waiting for you upon your return with buckets of boiling water to steam your catch in. Between the abundance of Dungeness crab and both natural and cultural sights to see, this place could never disappoint a family looking for a seaside retreat full of both adventure and relaxation!

The Laviolette family has operated the Jetty for over 32 years. They have expanded the fishery from an RV park and boat rental facility to include live seafood such as Dungeness crabs and fresh local oysters and rental cabins only a few feet from the bay.

The Jetty Fishery has been mentioned in publications such as the New York Times, Sunset Magazine, The Oregonian and Beer Northwest and is frequently selected as one of the best one-stop destinations for singles, couples and families to take part in crabbing, picnicking, hiking, camping, clamming, fishing, birding and eating some of the best fresh seafood on the West Coast of the United States.

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